Hardware And Software Upgrade

Our service plan includes thorough diagnosis and repair of your computer, integrated support for its peripherals etc. We will also troubleshoot start-up errors, Internet browser problems, virus detection and removal, and optimize your PC. We provide excellent solutions for every kind of computer problem. Our highly skilled technicians offer excellent services in Toronto and sort out numerous tech issues, including: PC repairs, removing computer viruses, up-gradations, boosting computer performance, troubleshooting and fixing hardware & software errors, removing spy ware, networking and Internet issues.

Operating System Installation - We will come to your home and install, or reinstall, Microsoft Windows and all critical updates onto your desktop or laptop. This service includes formatting, or clearing off, your hard drive which makes your system run smoother and brings it back up to speed.

Install / Upgrade Software Suite - We can install, upgrade, or repair one software suite and all critical updates on a single desktop or laptop. Examples of software suites include: Microsoft Office, Internet Security packages, etc.

For price details of our hardware and software upgrade please call us or email us at computer.services@mymovietime.ca