Virus Removal

Viruses can be very unpleasant once your computer or network has been infected. We have a lot of experience in virus removal and protection. PC Mechanix also provides Anti-virus programs and firewall protection that performs automatic updates to detect viruses and remove them from your system. We offer the best anti-virus programs to protect your computer’s and network’s day to day operation.

Here are some of the signs that your system may have a virus:

  • Computer is running slowly
  • Your antivirus program will not run or perform any tasks
  • Your computer will shut down and restarts
  • Your computer keeps freezing
  • Programs will disappear without you removing them
  • Your computer is prompting you to buy strange software or is telling you that you may have a virus
  • Uncommon error messages

If your computer is experiencing any of the above or you feel that your system has a virus — SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY — especially if you are connected to a network as the virus can spread to the other computers.